Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pain Neutralization Therapy Review!

Ok this will be a new one for me. I am wanting to get my opinion out there about an issue and could not find the how and where on the internet at large so am going to post this on my blog.

Since I am an avid researcher into anything that may be effective in addressing health issues, it is expected that I run into many, many new therapies. I do my best to evaluated these therapies and if possible, I try to find a way to learn them. Knowing I have limited time, financial resources and learning capacity, I have to evaluate just how effective a therapy might be. Is it good enough for my clients that I just know about the therapy? or is this a therapy that I could/should learn for the sake of treating my clients?

What are the reviews/critiques out there on the specific therapy? Is there any scientific research to back up the therapy and to add to the numerous personal testimonies? I've learned therapies that cost hundreds and some that were initially offered for free. All with great value, so the price of something does not necessarily determine how "worthy" any given therapy is.

Just recently I have been investigating Pain Neutralization Therapy. It sounds very interesting. They say it is based on the Gate Therapy of Pain. Developed by a Chiropractor by the name of Steve Kaufman. Kaufman's office is in Denver. I read through all the pages and pages of DR, ND, DC, PT, LMT testimonies and finally was convinced I wanted to order at least an intro to the therapy. This therapy by the way is suppose to be "very easy to learn" "so easy a 14 year old could easily learn it".

I found the offered DVD training and was quite confused by the offers. 16 DVD's comprises the basic learning set. Wow, that's a bunch of DVD's to teach a supposed easy to learn technique. It went on from there to list other offering of which it is not real clear as to just what you learn or get with each set of DVD's. I don't know, maybe you need to attend a seminar before you understand the specific terminology. However, since this is a website I would expect that all to be explained more clearly on that website.

Since I was soon to be going through Denver, I decided to call DR Kaufman's office and discuss just what was on his DVD's and why they were worth the $1295 price tag he had put on the set of 16 that comprised the introductory offer? AT the very least, I thought, I just might make an appointment to have him use this therapy on me as I have had some pain in my legs for over a year now and I thought it would be a great experience to receive some first hand experience with how the awesome this therapy worked first hand.

I called Kaufman's office, there was a message to leave your name and number and Kaufman would happily return your call. So I dutifully left a message. Shortly thereafter a male, not Kaufman, called me back. I ask my questions about the pricing since it was unclear to me from the website. He assured me that it was clear on the website. My bad. Sorry, I thought I was the one calling him to clarify. Anyway, we did not get past his "obviously, if the cost is too much for you then this isn't for you" and the finalee of "This must just not be the right time for you" with a click when he just hung up on me!

My first impression is that PNT is just a scam. It looks like they are only interested in selling the high priced DVD sets. They are certainly not interested in good customer service. OK, I can't honestly say that I know anymore about the therapy, but I sure have a bad taste in my mouth with the way they do business. Evidently if you have any honest questions they are not prepared to answer them. They are only interested in selling those DVD's to people who have no further questions and are already convinced that they are worth the overblown price. Hey, I tried to give them an opportunity to explain to me why these DVD's were worth so much. I was ready to dish out my credit card info for the info, but first I want my questions answered. I guess they just don't have time for that.

I'll still research this therapy, but in my mind, the Kaufman office guy owes me an apology. We didn't even get to the place where I could ask for an appointment. But then maybe they are making so much on the DVD's that Kaufman doesn't have Chiropractic hours anymore. Still he didn't have to treat me so rudely

If anyone has any first hand experience with PNT or these people, please let me know what that experience has been.
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  1. hi, i use dayly kaufman pnt technics and must say it makes amazing results. if you like i have a set of 7 basic seminar dvds available at reasonable price, contact:, have a nice day

  2. What disturbes me: Mr. Kaufman does not demonstrate a single technique in his numerous You Tube videos nor in any description of the method. The fact that nobody can post commentaries on the videos also arouses my suspicions. I recently contacted someone in Germany who whished to sell a set of dvds for a substantially reduced price. It turned out that they had already been sold. The seller told me, that he/she was so disappointed with the presentation and quality of the dvds that he/she didn't even bother to view all of them. That's just one voice, but it's not encouraging to hear such critique when you're supposed to dish out more than $1000. Does anyone have more (honest, free from marketing hype) information on this product?

  3. There is a discussion among chiropractors about the technique here: